Recently I have been working on a few projects for NRECA, and their marketing-media team, Touchstone. 
Below is a recent animation I made for an electric safety campaign.

Outlet Safety Animation (Modeled and animated using Blender, edited using Premiere Pro and After Effects) - Contracting 2020

Working for NRECA/Touchstone was exciting due to the amount of creative freedom I was given. It has been a crucial step in my journey as a designer.
For my Intern Project in 2019, I designed an entire app prototype for a product concept called Ion. Ion is essentially a smart-home device that tracks energy usage in its user's home, and send usage statistics to an app on the user's phone. 
Below is a video I made demonstrating my app's user-experience design.
During my internship I got to work on many projects, one of my favorites being a series of animations I was assigned to make called "101 Easy Ways to Save." I was given full creative freedom to come up with six 15-20 second animations based on a list of ways to save money on electricity.
Below is my "101 Easy Ways to Save" series for NRECA/Touchstone.

101 Easy Ways to Save Animation Series (Edited using Premiere Pro and After Effects) - Internship 2019

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