After my Iconbrick page went viral, I had a lot of people asking me how I design these "minifigures." As someone who is self-taught in 3D software, I know how intimidating it can be to try to learn 3D. But I also know the joy that comes with 3D design, and its growing importance in our world.
So I wanted to create a tool that said "look, you can do it too."
This is one of the most complicated projects I've attempted, and I am by no means a developer. However, I was able to teach myself Unreal Engine, learn the visual coding workflow, create the game, package it for HTML deployment, and write the CSS/JS all by myself.
(While is currently hosted and usable, I have not released it to the public yet. It's still in early stages, and may or may not be available when you visit the site.)
In my eyes, is a window into the future of the 3D-web experience. While the tool itself may be niche, the idea of creating an engaging web experience inspired by game-design holds immense value. Allowing the user to feel like they're in full control is the ultimate digital engagement.
I'm proud of myself for having an overwhelming idea and leaving my comfort zone in order to execute, and I'm grateful to have a project that allows me to learn.
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